Car assembly line

About This Project

A group of up to six visitors are able to experience the process of building and testing an automobile on a production line.
A metal base chassis is provided on which to build a car from the interchangeable foam shapes available. A dashboard, seating structure and flooring are already fixed into the chassis.
The chassis is an automatic, self-powered and self-guided vehicle on which the car is built using the foam body parts. It moves automatically around the track and stops at each of the five assembly stations. QR codes on the track modify vehicle dwell times and speed profiles. LED lighting indicates that the vehicle is moving and flashes red when turning.
The foam components stored within the garage allow for three distinct body styles of vehicle to be assembled: city car; cabriolet; four-by-four. All parts are interchangeable and share the same split lines to allow the visitor to create a ‘hybrid’ design.
Participants also build the power train: either petrol or hybrid. This is assembled and then placed into the chassis using the crane. Once built, the car can be engaged by the addition of coloured elements, such as seat covers, body stripes, stickers and other visual elements. Also, visitors can make their own custom number plate to add to the vehicle.
Once assembled, participants can stand back and see their creation, whilst checking how long it took them to build the car as indicated on the factory production clock. The car seats two people, and the engine starts on a push button to give a simulation of the final vehicle.