Clever Works

About This Project

A complete CSI experience, comprising sleuth training; police van transit to crime scene; crime scene investigation and evidence collection; lab analysis and criminal investigation.


Four different crime scenarios are presented.  The crime scene and laboratory analysis tools adapt through software.  Various tools are provided for the collection of evidence: finger prints; hair sample; boot print; CCTV footage; travel ticket and others.  Visitors create a personal ID badge, and are equipped with a tool belt to help with evidence gathering at the crime scene.


A laboratory and criminal investigation centre is the final stop.  Groups assess the evidence collected from the crime scene and work towards identifying the criminal from the range of suspects. Two interactive consoles guide the work of each team of detectives.  Progress is shown on a large screen array.  Evidence is analysed using microscope stations and data recorded in each detectives’ notebook.


Visitors finally assess who is the actual criminal, having narrowed down the suspect list to two.  The trainee detectives take a vote to see if they can establish who is guilty. The criminal is then revealed and they confess to the crime before going to gaol.


Scores are gathered for each team, and a rating established for each detective team.