Engineering Creatives is an innovation led company that provides professional design engineering services.

We aim to develop and deliver the next generation of themed entertainment systems, linking fun with active learning.


Engineering Creatives was formed in 2013.  The original core team comprised engineers and designers who worked on the development, engineering and delivery of the world’s first football themed visitor experience, Soccer Circus.


The company is driven from an innovative perspective, creating and engineering a range of products to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.


In recent years innovative machine design has become part of our portfolio.  We have worked specifically with the food industry.  Concept design work has been taken though to the prototyping and production of complex, high cost machines that are now operational in major UK plants.


Our first love remains themed entertainment. Engineering Creatives has experience of every stage of the process of bringing a themed visitor attraction to market; from concept generation and prototype construction, to installation management and venue staff training.


The project team cover a range of expertise, from control and mechanical engineering through to industrial and digital design.  We design, develop, assemble and test all systems in-house, a one-stop shop for the supply of innovative turnkey systems.


Our aim is to maintain all specialist skills within the company to reduce any dependence on outside suppliers and hence, to offer the best possible service to our customers. This applies to the development process as much as it does to supporting clients once projects have been delivered.  We can react promptly and intelligently to requests for design input and support.


Engineering Creatives offer a range of services based on extensive professional experience. Over the last eight years we have been responsible for the design, development and delivery of a variety of engineering systems for visitor attractions. These create exciting experiences for visitors through innovative and robust engineering across the world, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Kazakhstan, Australia and Europe.


Prior to these engineering and commercial developments, the core team of consultants who represent Engineering Creatives worked in academia at Loughborough University.


Our aim is to deliver the next generation of themed entertainment