Flying Saucers

About This Project

A pair of visitors takes up the challenge of creating rotary motion to accurately propel a fan powered flying vehicle to various randomly generated height targets.


The exhibit comprises two fan ‘generators’ formed from vertical tubes, connected to two hand cranked ‘generator’ units.  The interactive wind elements change according to the cadence of the ‘generators’, and the resultant energy.  As visitors move the flying saucer into the required zone, so points are scored and the zone changes position.  The visitor changes the wind speed to fly the saucer up or down the tube


  • To present a fun activity and stimulate an interest in the basic elements of energy transformations through physical media.
  • Through speed of rotational motion, visitors generate the energy to power a flying vehicle.
  • The aim is to control the speed and, therefore, the height of the flying saucer to correspond to varying targets.
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